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Our Services

Immaculate Home offers lifestyle management services with a luxurious twist. All of our services are fully customizable, designed for those who value unsurpassed convenience, exclusivity and the highest level of dependability.


Immaculate Home sets the standard for detail-oriented cleaning services tailored exclusively for private residences. Our expert team ensures every corner, from top to bottom and left to right, receives the utmost attention, leaving your home sparkling clean and refreshed. We prioritize the care of high-end finishes, utilizing pH-tested cleaning chemicals to maintain their pristine condition. Each client receives a personalized cleaning plan, meticulously crafted to address their home's unique requirements and high-end features. Experience the epitome of cleanliness and luxury with Immaculate Home.


House Watch and Management/Walkthroughs

Our property management service includes meticulous walk-throughs as part of our comprehensive property management services. Our experienced team conducts thorough inspections, ensuring your property is pristine while meeting your exacting standards.


Grocery Shopping + Delivery

At Immaculate Home, we prioritize convenience and luxury, offering bespoke personal shopping services for our discerning clients. From stocking your pantry with gourmet essentials to sourcing unique gifts and exclusive items, our dedicated team ensures every detail is meticulously attended to. Relax and indulge in the luxury of having your shopping needs expertly managed.


Coordination and Management of Subcontractors

We partner with skilled subcontractors for various services like carpet cleaning, window washing, and contractor/remodeling work. Our clients can count on us to oversee and manage these tasks, ensuring quality and convenience.


Mail Collection

Convenient postal services including the Post Office and UPS/FedEx pick-up and drop-off are available, ensuring ease and accessibility for our residents' mailing needs.


Planter/Wreath Decor

In addition to our comprehensive offerings, we provide seasonal decor and planter adornments to elevate your living space. Our expert team also handles minor weeding and garden maintenance, ensuring your property maintains its pristine allure year-round. With Immaculate Home, every detail is meticulously managed to enhance your comfort and enjoyment of your residence.


Dog Walking

Dog walking and sitting services are managed by trusted subcontractors specializing in pet care. With established relationships and a commitment to convenience, clients can rely on us to arrange these services hassle-free, ensuring their furry companions receive top-notch care and attention while you’re away.

When only the best will do, Immaculate Home

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