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Save money on single-use plastics! Silicone Bags are the best alternative to plastic bags for storing food in the freezer or maintaining your fridge organized and clean. Ideal for storing big vegetables and complete family meals.


Wash and reuse these bags for almost anything you can imagine: marinating, sous vide, leftovers, etc.


They feature a slide closure to make bags airtight and leak-proof so they prevent spoiled food and freezer burn. Highly versatile, from freezer to microwave to oven.


* Made of premium, food-grade silicone * Free of BPA, Phthalates, PVC, and Lead *


Dimensions: 13" x 12.5" ( holds 136 fluid ounces) *They can withstand temperatures from -58°F (-50° C) to 482°F (250°C).


Remember to remove the plastic closure first if using it in the oven.


Use and Care: Wash and dry before use. Use a dry-erase marker to label them with the content and date. The slide closure should go in the direction of the arrow.

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